Dedicated to the Collins 30J Transmitter




Collins 30J-18 Manual NEW SCAN (6 MB PDF)
Collins 30J-18 Schematic (.5 MB PDF)
Collins 131C-11 Coil Box (6 MB PDF)
Pictures of modulator deck (28 MB ZIP)

McCurdy Low Power AM Transmitter Model RRT-3

National RCP Receiver

National RAS Receiver Schematic
I have a National RAS 5 receiver but took this schematic from a RAS 2 manual on BAMA and put it together
and marked up the values. If you need a better copy let me know.

National RAS CKB-50142 Noise Peak Limiter

Mon-Key Practice Keyer
Mon-Key Page 1
Mon-Key Page 2
Mon-Key Page 3
Mon-Key Page 4
Mon-Key Page 5
Schematic with resistor and capacitor values as found in my Mon-Key

National Nc-80X NC-81X Manual

James Millen - Peak Efficiency Design - NATIONAL SW3

James Millen - Hetrofil (6MB)

James Millen - 90905-B scope Manual (2MB)
James Millen - 90905-B scope Schematic (2MB)

Lambda 29M Power Supply

Here are THREE different lambda 28 schematics from the three that I have.
Lambda 28 Power Supply Schematic 1&2
Lambda 28 schematic #3


I have many original manuals for Collins and National so if anyone needs a
FREE high resolution scan just let me know and I will take it down and get it scanned. Yes, FREE.
Collins 30J-18
Collins 51J-4
Collins KWS-1
Collins KWM-1
Collins 310B
Collins 75A-3
Collins 32V-3
National NC-100
National NC-101
National HRO-5
National HROM
And others... FREE

National NC-100 / NC-101 Receivers - all models

National Nc-101X Manual
This copy of the NC-100 and NC-101 manual is a MUST READ if you are restoring one of these receivers because it has the schematics for all three versions.
There are some differences in other versions, especially the schematic closer to the later version of the receiver.
This manual is an original assembly which included additional pages of schematic and parts lists.
Note the difference in the parts list for the early magic eye and s-meter version as well as the later s-meter version.

National HRO5

National HRO5 Manual
This version has Noise Limiter supplement. It is for various versions of the HRO, HRO-M, HRO-5, HRO-SR, HRO-JR, etc.

Spilsbury SB-60 High Resolution Scan

Spilsbury SB-60 Manual Part 1
Spilsbury SB-60 Manual Part 2

Spilsbury SB-60 High Resolution Scan

James Millen Antenna Matching Preamp


RCA AVR-11 Manual
RCA AVR-11 Schematic
RCA AVR-11 Schematic
RCA AVR-11 Schematic
RCA AVR-11 Schematic
RCA AVR-11 Schematic
RCA AVR-11 Schematic
RCA AVR-11 Schematic

Harvey Wells Bandmaster TBS-50

Harvey Wells Bandmaster TBS-50 Manual

Tokyo Hy-Power

HL-1KGX Circuit
HL-137V Circuit
HL-182V Circuit
HL-110V Circuit
HL-160V25A Circuit
HL-180V Circuit
HL-350VDX Circuit
HL-700B Circuit
Kenwood Y Cable Diagram
HC-1.5KAT Manual
HC-150 / 200 Manual
HC-2000 Manual
HL-1.1KFX Manual
HL-1.2KFX Manual
HL-1.5KFX Manual
HL-1K6 Manual
HL-1KA Manual
HL-2.5KFX Manual
HL-2K Manual
HL-2KFX Manual
HL-37VSX Manual
HL-45B Manual
HL-100BDX Manual
HL-130U Manual
HL-200BDX Manual
HL-350VDX Manual
HL-450B Manual
HL-500V Manual
HL-550FX Manual
HL-700B Manual
HP-460 Manual
HTX-1.5KF Manual